Administrative justice by EU standards

The Center for Legal Research and Analysis from the period November 2019 till April 2020 will implement the project “Administrative justice according by EU standards”.

The aim of this project is:

 – to provide and increase the quality of efficiency and transparency in the process of making decisions by the Administrative Court

– to ensure effective and economical court proceedings

The main activities of this project are:

–  Creation of a rulebook for public hearing in administrative dispute and drafting curriculum for its usage.

– Adoption of the curriculum of public hearing and delivery of training in the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors and

– Making informational graphic for the stages of the administrative dispute.

The expected results from this project are:

–  Increased usage of the public hearing by administrative court through rule-book for judges about administrative dispute;

–  Increasing the focus on Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors, the lawyers, public attorneys as the most target group, through the implementation of public hearing of administrative dispute

–  Strengthening the practical and theoretical capacities by the judges, the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors, lawyers and public attorneys

–  Increasing the awareness and knowledge of the citizens about administrative disputes through informational graphic published in the Administrative courts and bodies.

The project will CLRA is implementing the project “Administrative justice by EU standards” project is implemented with support from the Foundation Open Society Macedonia

Gorica Nadjinska