A Guide to Protecting the Right to Privacy in the Digital Space(Practical Guidelines for Legal Professionals)

This guide is designed to serve as a practical tool consolidating essential concepts, legal frameworks, threats, principles, actors, mechanisms, legal remedies, and procedures outlined in the legislation and practice of the Republic of North Macedonia. Additionally, it will address certain practical dilemmas, and provide examples and rulings of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice on these issues. The examples and guidelines provided in this guide are intended to assist state authorities, particularly the PDPA, as well as judiciary actors (judges, public prosecutors, lawyers) in the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as all legal and natural persons, when dealing with data protection issues, whether overseeing or supervising the application of regulations, adjudicating complaints or lawsuits related to the handling, processing, or misuse of personal data, detecting and/or prosecuting perpetrators of criminal acts and offenses, providing legal assistance, or are obligated to respect personal data protection within the scope of their activities.

The document is founded upon the key principles for the development of “A Guide to Protecting the Right to Privacy in the Digital Space”, which were formulated through the TAIEX Expert Mission conducted in the Republic of North Macedonia from October 31 to November 2, 2023. The TAIEX mission aimed to offer assistance and guidance in the development of “Guidelines for Judicial Stakeholders on Privacy and Data Protection in the Republic of North Macedonia”, in accordance with the GDPR and the EU acquis in this area.

You can find the guide at the following link: