Establishing efficient and effective environmental justice

The Center for Legal Research and Analysis started with the implementation of the project ‘’Establishing efficient and effective environmental justice’’.

The project purpose is to introduce a policy model for efficient oversight and enforcement of environmental policies and regulations, reinforcing the implementation of the international environmental standards. The project will identify the problems related to oversight of the implementation of environmental legislation and will through broad consultative process, provide recommendations that would improve the environmental audit and implementation of the environmental regulatory framework. Establishing a joint platform with the state representatives, experts, public and CSOs will secure joint and sustainable approach as it will be based on competences for enforcing requirements and environmental priorities. The platform will engage expert support and inclusion from all state authorities with power to tackle environmental harms through supporting policy and legal formulations and solutions.  Additionally, the gap analysis of the existing environmental policies and the possibilities for tackling the legal and institutional challenges in the environmental legislation will enable the development of a model that proposes policy alternatives in terms of the need for environmental crisis management and existing country resources.

The time frame for the implementation of the project is from October 1st, 2020 to March 31st, 2021. The project is part of the Good Governance Fund program, funded by UK aid through the Government of the United Kingdom.                                                 

Gorica Nadjinska