Promotion of the project – Joint involvement for better performance of the judiciary

On 2nd of April the Center for legal research and analysis (CLRA) in partnership with the Institute for human rights (IHR) promoted the project “Joint involvement for better performance of the judiciary”.

As collaborators in the above mentioned project appear the Association of Judges of RNM as well as the Association of judicial administration of RNM which also took part at the event and presented their role in the project activities. The project is part of the IPA II 2014 program “Strengthening the impact of the civil society in effective justice sector reforms”.

The presidents of the associations addressed the present participants about the project contents and objectives. Present at the conference were the Minister of Justice – Renata Deskoska and the director of the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors – Natasha Gaber Damjanovska. A more detailed expose about the further actions of the project were given by the president of the Center for legal research and analysis – Lidija Stojkova Zafirovska, Margarita Tsatsa Nikolovska – president of the Institute for Human Rights, Dzemali Saiti – president of the Association of Judges of RNM and Borche Mircheski – president of the Association of the judicial administration of RNM.

With the activities anticipated in this project, greeted and recognized by the stakeholders as important and meaningful, a further measurement of the activities anticipated in the Action Plan for reform in the justice sector 2017-2022, their accomplishment and fulfillment by particular activities i.e. (of the Action Plan) by drafting of methodology and quarterly meetings of the Advisory groups with representatives of the CSO organizations which are working in the judicial area, will be performed. During the project few workshops are foreseen, together with additional activities, with aim for strengthening the capacities of the judges and the judicial personnel, as well as the associates who are performing in the justice sector.

This project promotes the active collaboration between the CSO’s working in the justice sector together with the professional associations for reaching better performance of the judiciary, improvement of the efficacy, responsibility and transparency in the judiciary through participative approach of the stakeholders.

The project is financed by the EU through the CFCD (Central financing and contracting department) as part of the Ministry of finance.

(foto: MIA

Gorica Nadjinska