Meeting between the judges from the Appellate and the Supreme Court with the President of the Government of RM Zoran Zaev

A working meeting between the four appellate courts and the Supreme Court of Republic Macedonia was held as a continuation of the support for unification of the court practice in Republic of Macedonia.

The meeting was organized by the Center for Legal Research and analysis in cooperation with the Academy for Judges and Public prosecutors “Pavel Shatev”. The event was held during 5-7 December in Strumica, while the Appellate Court Bitola was the host for the event. At the meeting the judges discussed about legal issues from their departments, they aligned their opinions and positions with an aim to harmonize the national court practice. The president of the Supreme Court Justice Jovo Vangelovski and the president of the Judicial Council Judge Zoran Karadzovski also participated at the discussions.

On the second day of the working meeting, the judges met with the President of the Government of RM Zoran Zaev, and the Deputy Minister оf Justice Oliver Ristovski. The Prime Minister addressed the present judges and stated that the law and securing of the justice is within the hands of the judiciary, and that it has to be provided for every citizen in the country. He also acknowledged that the Government will undertake all necessary steps and duties for securing the needed conditions for efficient functioning of the legal and judicial system in the country. The judges had the opportunity to directly discuss their issues with the representatives from the Government, to state recommendations and discuss solutions. 

The working meeting was organized within the program “Enhancing transparency, legal certainty and efficiency of the judicial system in Macedonia, which is financed by the British Embassy Skopje.

Gorica Nadjinska