Center for Legal Research and Analysis goals

- To strive in contributing towards enhanced legal system based on the principle of substantive equality and to ensure that the constitutionally set principles, rights, and responsibilities are fully and consistently respected, promoted, protected and fulfilled.

- To function as an independent, client-based, non-profit law clinic which uses law as an instrument of justice and provides legal research services affecting all citizens (including the marginalized and discriminated groups and individuals).

- To work towards achieving best EU and international standards and practices in the Macedonian society and its legal system, and to build respect for the rule of law and constitutional democracy; enable the vulnerable and marginalized to assert and develop their rights; promote gender and social equality and oppose all forms of unfair discrimination; and contribute to the development of a human rights and to the social and economic progress of society.

CLRA seeks creative and effective solutions in the law reform process by using a range of strategies, including impact litigation, improvement of the legislation, participation in partnerships and legal reform processes and networking with the EU member states and at the international level.

CLRA key objectives

1. To expand citizens’ knowledge, understanding and awareness on the relevant legal reforms and legal practices (processes);

2. To promote access to justice for all, irrespective of social, ethnic, religious, gender and political differences;

3. To build the capacity of the legal professionals to deliver on the needs of the citizens in a transparent and accountable manner; and

4. To provide extended information services responsible decisions/actions.

CLRA is committed to:

- Providing a responsive, effective and professional service to the professional and wider community

- Acting with integrity and fairness

- Collaboration and openness

- Innovation and creativity

- Acting in accordance with best practice principles

- Striving for improvements in service delivery and efficiency

- Legitimacy, evaluation and accountability