Supporting the Macedonian criminal justice system in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in combating SOC

About the Project

This project responds to the serious challenge and need in North Macedonia to strengthen the
functioning of judicial and prosecutorial institutions in successfully combating SOC. The project is a
follow up of a previous WBROLI initiative which supported studying the flow of cases from their
initiation to their resolution, including the various stages, procedures, and timeframes involved in the
NMK criminal justice sector institutions. An important consideration in the CFA process has been
assessing the extent to which there is an effective transfer of responsibility across different institutions.
As final outcome, this Case Flow Analysis (CFA) underlined/identified multiple areas for improvement
and for streamlining. The proposed project revolves around the (4) primary points of challenge
or failure modes (FMs) in the SOC criminal justice chain identified by CFA

  1. Insufficient Quality of the Indictments
  2. Deficiency in Investigation Strategies and Substandard Quality of Criminal Charges
  3.  Lack of proper allocation of resources and capacities for tackling crimes
  4. Lenghty court proceedings and lack of cooperation diminish the effectiveness in fighting SOC
01/12/2023 - 31/03/2024
This project id financed by the government of UK. Implemented by: Chemonics International Inc.

Project publications